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April 2021

-I have a new album out on the lovely 'Complex Holiday' label. The album is called 'NAF', mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi and comes out as a limited cassette release.


February 2021

- 'North of no South' is the name of my radio-show at Camp Radio. My first show will air on Tuesday 9th of February.

- 'Synaptic' is the name of my newest album,  out on SUPERPANG! You can listen/purchase it from here.


January 2021

Happy to be part of 'Tour Mode' compilation, by SUPERPANG label. Listen to my track here. My next album will be out on SUPERPANG as well on 12/2.


December 2020

Participating in 'Chronotopia Echoes/Αντηχήσεις' artistic lab , curated by CTM Festival, Goethe-Institut and Athens and Epidaurus Festival.


September 2020

Creating the sound for Katerina Athanasopoulou's video installation at Primarolia Festival , Aigio.


July/August 2020

My next release will be a cassette on the Nebraska based label Neologist Productions.  The name of the album is 'SVL' and the origins of it date back to 2007 during a period which my main tool was a collection of old vinyl records i used to buy from flea markets for 1-2 euros each, and then edit them into something new. I am really excited that these tracks will see the face of this cruel world we live in for the first time. Release date will follow soon.

Unfortunately, due to Covid, a couple of very interesting shows and workshops had to be canceled. 


May 2020

1|5 'Detach' is the name of my new album. Available through Glistening Examples , CD and Digital.

1|5 'Adara' up for a digital pre-order on Phinery. Two A3 risography prints + digital.


April 2020

17|4 Code Omega out now. A new collaboration with Eleni Ikon in the form of an audio essay for Nottingham Contemporary. Listen/Read here

16|4 I just added new music, and updated my bandcamp page here


March 2020

1|3 Live at Orila, Athens.


February 2020

28|2 Live at the 4th year of Ride, Chania,Crete.


January 2020

27|1 Transmitter available for pre-order by Otomatik Muziek

4|1 Live at KET, Athens with Yannis Kotsonis.

October 2019


21|10 Mini Radio Concer at To Pikap, with Ursel Quint and Barry Roshto.


5|10 'It Sings'. An audio essay with Eleni.Ikon at 'New Suns:A Feminist Literary Festival', Barbican, level G.


September 2019

5|9 (pre)Adara is available now. Listen here.


20|9,  3rd Fridays event at Bonn, Germany. Listening session of my track 'smtfUaB'.


14|9, 'Out on the Inside' sound installation at Thessaloniki Music Hall.