September 2020

September 2020. Creating the sound for Katerina Athanasopoulou's video installation at Primarolia Festival , Aigio.


July/August 2020

My next release will be a cassette on the Nebraska based label Neologist Productions.  The name of the album is 'SVL' and the origins of it date back to 2007 during a period which my main tool was a collection of old vinyl records i used to buy from flea markets for 1-2 euros each, and then edit them into something new. I am really excited that these tracks will see the face of this cruel world we live in for the first time. Release date will follow soon.

Unfortunately, due to Covid, a couple of very interesting shows and workshops had to be canceled. 


May 2020

1|5 'Detach' is the name of my new album. Available through Glistening Examples , CD and Digital.

1|5 'Adara' up for a digital pre-order on Phinery. Two A3 risography prints + digital.


April 2020

17|4 Code Omega out now. A new collaboration with Eleni Ikon in the form of an audio essay for Nottingham Contemporary. Listen/Read here

16|4 I just added new music, and updated my bandcamp page here


March 2020

1|3 Live at Orila, Athens.


February 2020

28|2 Live at the 4th year of Ride, Chania,Crete.


January 2020

27|1 Transmitter available for pre-order by Otomatik Muziek

4|1 Live at KET, Athens with Yannis Kotsonis.

October 2019


21|10 Mini Radio Concer at To Pikap, with Ursel Quint and Barry Roshto.


5|10 'It Sings'. An audio essay with Eleni.Ikon at 'New Suns:A Feminist Literary Festival', Barbican, level G.


September 2019

5|9 (pre)Adara is available now. Listen here.


20|9,  3rd Fridays event at Bonn, Germany. Listening session of my track 'smtfUaB'.


14|9, 'Out on the Inside' sound installation at Thessaloniki Music Hall.