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Savvas Metaxas is a musician and sound artist who works in the fields of experimental music, field recordings, modular synthesis. 

Counting more that 10 releases among vinyls, Cd’s and cassettes, his music has been released in multiple labels such as the Granny Records, Orila, Glistening Examples, More Mars, Cronica, Phinery, Galaverna, Coherent States, Falt and has performed in numerous concerts hosted in experimental art spaces, museums, galleries and venues. His latest album, entitled “Synaptic” has been released in 2021 from the Superpang label.



In 2008 he co-founded the Granny Records label, focusing in publishing works by contemporary electronic musicians, moving in the range of free improvisation, noise, electroacoustic composition and contemporary electronica. Along with the operation of the label, he co-organized and co-curated events in various spaces in Thessaloniki inviting numerous European and Greek artists.



His other works contain the creation and composition of sound for installations and site- specific performances as well as for short movies, to name a few:  

-'Deep Waters' . Sound design for a Video installation by Katerina Athanasopoulou at Primarola Festival (September 2020)


- ‘It Sings’ . Audio essay in collaboration with Eleni.Ikon at the Barbican, London.


- Sound design for the video Her Voice exhibited as part of  the Audint’s new installation works Unsound:Undead, at the Arebyte Gallery in London.

-'Matter over Matter'. Sound installation at Goethe institut in Sofia and Thessaloniki.


- The Guest Project, October’s draft. Music for dance performance at Arceological Mueum of Thessaloniki.


- Sound composition and actor at the short movie “ Oi Agrioi” directed by Nikos Kostopoulos.


- “Out on the Inside”, sound installation at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.




Finally, he has also collaborated with the Onassis Cultural Center under the European Project Interfaces giving interactive workshops to technical high-schools in order to introduce them creatively in the experimental electronic music.